We are currently looking to recruit freelance experienced tutors from all parts of Egypt to deliver training programmes in the following areas:



Early Years

Special Educational Needs

English language for schools

To be eligible you must have the following:

1-Fluency in the spoken and written English

2-Experience with training teachers

3-British teacher training qualifications such as PGCE

If you interested please email


1-Are you looking to improve your skills? .

2- Are you seeking to share experience with other teachers?

3- Are you looking for new ways of planning your lessons, assessment and question techniques?

4- Are you looking for promotion?

5- Are you looking to get a job in a reputable school?

6- Are you looking to work in the gulf?

Then this programme is for you

The International Teaching Licence will quality assured, approved and accredited by Leicester University

Rationale of ITCL

1- Up skill teachers who are currently in the teaching profession.

2- Develop teachers’ skills, learning and teaching pedagogy by providing Teachers Standard Based Training.

3- To enhance teachers' opportunity for promotion and continuous professional development

Main Strands

1- 8 Teaching Standards in England.

2- Award in Professional Development.

3- Training the trainers to meet all Teaching Standards.

4- Quality Assurance by a reputable UK university.

5- Practical School Assessment Based Task.


1- To support the development of teaching professionals who are both reflective and reflexive in their practice.

2- To create teachers who exhibit outstanding levels of professionalism and a commitment to equality and empowerment for all.

3- To provide opportunities for programme participants to examine their own professional practice, and that of those they work with and observe, in the light of theory and practical experience.

Expected outcome

1- ITCL will enable participants to critically examine a wide range of educational issues pertaining to the development of their capability as teachers – and in so, meeting the needs of learners.

2- Teachers will demonstrate, through their academic work and professional practice, that they have developed as educators and are able to provide evidence to meet all English Teaching Standards (8 of them)

Levels of the ITCL

The ITCL will include 5 Levels (Teaching Assistant, Teacher, Experienced Teachers, Advanced Skills Teachers, Leadership)

10 Reason why ITCL...

1 - 15% of the Cost of IPGCE.

2 - 7% of the PGCE.

3 - Includes Teaching Assistants and leadership routes which are not included in the PGCE.

4 - Includes 5 levels for all school staff.

5- Very practical and links to classroom practice.

6 - Recognised, certified and quality assured by one of the best Schools of Education in England.

7 - Stepping stone to the PGCE, master and doctorate in Education.

8 - Delivered at your door step.

9 - Save you the cost of travelling and studying abroad.

10 - Very flexible and accommodate to individual needs.

Who should apply

1- Teachers of all age phases; e.g. Primary or Secondary.

2- TAS in schools.

3- Teachers are in service and have direct and daily access to state or private schools.

4- Advance Skills Teachers.

5- Graduates who want to become teachers.

6- Graduates who want to be TAs in schools.

7- Headteachers.

8- Teachers who are getting ready for a management and leadership post.

9- Supervisors.

10- Teachers who wish to work in the gulf.