Post Graduate Courses


How to Prepare Yourself for Post Graduate Studies in the UK (Masters, Doctorates and PHD)



  1. to introduce post graduate students to the challenges of studying in a new culture.
  2. to prepare post graduates for expectations to study abroad.
  3. to provide information for post graduates about what is needed to study in a foreign country.
  4. to provide information post graduates with information about library facilities in the UK and the operational system there.
  5. to share experience, expertise and also good practice.


This course provides unique opportunity for teachers to explore innovative approaches to assessment in classroom. Teachers will explore difference between assessment of learning and assessment for learning. In addition, teachers you will recognise the difference between peer and self-assessment.


Professor Nadia El Kholy, Ph.D

Ex Counsellor and Director Egyptian Cultural Bureau- London - United Kingdom


7 hours over one day or two days  



550 EP  

Certificate at the end of the day

All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD) and

The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)