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Arab British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development


ABAHRD is a registered company in Egypt and UK and works with its clients and partners in the Middle East to raise the quality of all stakeholders in the education.

ABAHRD aims is to enable students and teachers to build, improve and develop individuals, and organizations' attributes, skills, and knowledge (ASK) by providing the most advanced expertise in the areas of education and training programmes following the British system, culture and quality standards.

Abahrd Mission

Our mission is to put people in touch and ahead of their future opportunities by helping them gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop application and problem solving skills.

Hence, enable them to work competitively in a global, interdependent and culturally diverse world.

To fulfil this mission ABAHRD provides outbound international learning experience for school and university post and undergraduate students, educational staff and professionals to learn, progress and achieve.

Abahrd Aims

ABAHRD aims to ensure that all our stakeholders in the education, training and human resources development sectors receive top-quality services..

Abahrd Vision

To be the leading educational services provider at the best quality and most affordable prices in the Middle East .