The International Teaching Competence Licence ( ITCL )


The International Teaching Competence Licence provided in collaboration with the Egyptian British Education Association UK and Leicester University will be underpinned by the philosophy emphasises Active learning Reflection on learning and practice and Modelling to support learning (the ARM approach).

The aim of this approach is to improve learning and teaching for both the teachers themselves and also their schools Teachers are the main players in any meaningful change in an educational system. Research shows that no system can rise beyond the capabilities of its teachers.

Educational administrators and leaders are the backbone of any change.

Egypt has come to the realization that the success of its current long-term strategic plan is conditional upon high performing teachers and effective school leaders.

Quality Assurance Project for Private Schools

We have very highly specialised team of trainers and tutors who would be happy to help your school meeting all QA criteria and gaining accreditation.

Our team will assure the quality of provision in your school, make suggestions for continuous improvement and efficient performance consistent with NAQAAE mission statement and objectives.

Therefore, our team will provide your school with the technical support to gain the QA accreditation (Technical advice, Training and preliminary visit before accreditation).

We will also set you up a system which would enable you and build your school internal capacity for improvement.


Centre of Excellence in Media in Collaboration with EBEA and Grimsby Institute for Further and Higher Education



The overall aims of the proposed centre of excellence in media and journalism are.

1. To develop participants skills, attributes, knowledge and pedagogy in areas related media and journalism.

2. To provide participants with opportunity to interact with their equivalent professional colleagues within British organizations.

3. To explore innovative approaches to learning and acquiring skills and experience in these areas.

4. To explore innovative media and journalism approaches and strategies which makes outstanding personnel who work in these two areas.

Who should attend

1. students who are currently study media and journalism and looking to improve their knowledge, experience and skills.

2. professional who are currently working in the media and journalism career and looking to upgrade their skills, improve their practice and knowledge.

3. people who are looking to get a job in the above two careers .

Who is teaching and training on this programme

1. key people and celebrities in the area of media and journalism.

2. University tutors and senior lecturers.

3. free lance consultants who have an extensive experience in these area.

4. currently practitioners in the area of media and journalism.

Visit to the media centre in Grimsby Institute UK

We take pride that we have built one week visit (optional) to Grimsby Institute in the UK where participants will have the opportunity to practice being the most advanced TV studios to practice on their equipments and facilities which is run in partnership with BBC North.