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Under the auspices of Minister of Scientific Research and Higher Education and Aim Shams University


Early Years Forum Challenges and Hopes


The Egyptian governments pays nowadays so much attention to the development of the EYs provision and this has become one of its top priorities .

Promoting human development is one of three pillars of the Vision 2030

Vision 2030 provides a roadmap for inclusive development and for maximizing competitive advantages to achieve the aspirations of Egyptians for a dignified and decent life.

Vision 2030 underscores that education must contribute significantly to Egypt’s social transformation over the coming 13 years. In that regard, it articulates three specific

objectives to develop human potential:

(a) Improve the quality of the education system in alignment with international systems.

(b) Expand access to education for all.

(c) Improve system competitiveness and learning outcomes, across regions and different population groups.

The envisaged education and training system will be student-centered, encourage critical thinking and aim to produce highly technically-competent graduates/trainees.

Education is a top priority for the Government of Egypt (GOE).

In the EYs provision and pre schooling there is 1,244,052 enrolled in government schools 932,879, number of schools 1,1250, (which government schools is 8,955).

Number of teachers teaching in this phase is 45,699 about 32,937 of them in government schools

Pre-school is governed by: nurseries under Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) (age 0 – 3), KG1-2 under MOETE (age 4 – 6), and NGOs-run KG 1-2.

Therefore, this conference will provide a forum to experience, skills, expertise and knowledge exchange in the Early Years area. It will also explore successful has studies with a particular reference to the British and Finland experience in this area.

The conference will also provide the opportunity to present the latest research projects, models and findings in this area and how these could be the basis to form successful and effective strategies and programes.

Target audience

1- Policy makers

2- School directors and managers

3- Early Years Teachers

4- Schools of Education

5- Student teachers on teacher training courses

6- Teaching Assistants

7- Anybody is interested in this area

The conference covers 7 pillars

1. Educational

2. Personal welling-health

3. Media and technology

4. Inclusion of children with moderate and server difficulties and from poor and deprived background and provide clear standards and criteria to ensure their development, and welfare

5. Creativity, innovation and Gifted and Talented in EYs

6. Safeguarding children in EYs

7. Teachers' training, development and qualifications

Main themes

1. Cognitive Development in Early Years

2. Literacy and social Development in Early Years

3. Inclusion in Early Years - Special Educational Needs

4. Sharing good practice in Early Years - the role of play and games in developing children cognitive and social skills

5. Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development in Early Years

6. Culture and media on children personal well being, social and cognitive development at Early Years.

7. Inclusion in EYs with a reference to SENs, disadvantaged and Gifted and Talented Children

8. Challenges and Barriers

The conference will explore and discuss how each of the above could contribute to the social, cognitive and literacy development for children at very young age. Also the conference will explore challenges and barriers.

There will be examples of good practice shared from the British and Finland experience.


1. Explore and discuss how each of the above could contribute to the social, cognitive and literacy development for children at very young age.

2. Explore measures of success, performance indicators and challenges and barriers.

3. Discuss, demonstrate and present the concept of Quality Assurance in the Early Years sector and explore the international standards for teacher training and development

4. Discuss the role and impact of medial on children cognitive and social development and how ways of safeguarding them in schools and the society.

5. Demonstrate strategies for continuous development and qualifications for teachers, assistant teachers and adults who work in this Early Years context.

Place and Dates

Le- Meridien Heliopolis / 28th - 29th April 2018


350EGP with no paper to be presented

200EGP for attending only one day

500EGP with paper to be presented (not more than 25 pages search .. And more, The page is equivalent to 25 pounds maximum of 50 pages).

20% discount for Attendance of schools and educational institutions for 5 individuals.

Add 100 LE to obtain the certificate of attendance of the conference, depending on:

(Ain Shams University - Arab British Academy for Training - Misr Foundation for Education and Development - Egyptian British Education Association in London).

To attend from outside Egypt

100$ with no paper to be presented

300$ with paper to be presented (not more than 30 pages search .. And more, The page is equivalent to 5$ maximum of 50 pages).

Payment is made by the following methods

1- Direct payment in the Arab Academy for Training and Human Development.

(32 Esraa El Moalemeen St. Off White Nile St., 4th Floor, Lebanon El Mohandeseen Square)

2- Via Vodafone Cash service at 01092229916

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Can be made on the following numbers:

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Whats app : 01283844116.



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Certificate at the end of the day All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

1-Ain Shames University

2-Centre for African Business Education (CABE- UK)

3-The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD)

4-The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)