General English – Special Course in English (SCE)

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December 27, 2017
Conversational Skills in English (CSE)
January 11, 2018


General English - Special Course in English (SCE)


  The Special Course in English for Non-Native Speakers is specially designed for people who need, or will soon need to, use English as a foreign language in their daily life. It is also designed to be used by people working in all walks of life vis-à-vis the focus on the four basic language skills.

What the 15-level SCE course does provide is a wide range of settings and situations in which one can practice and improve his/her communication skills in English to become a more confident and fluent user of the foreign language.

Course Levels & Certificates:

SCE introduces the English world via covering, expanding and practicing different English Language skills vis-à-vis the following:

Course Participation:

• SCE courses start with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 applicants per class after passing the Special Placement Exam (Placement test for new students – 200 LE)

• Otherwise, the applicant starts Level One directly.


Certificate at the end of the day

All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD) and

The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)