Vocational Education Conference Challenges and Expectations

The International Teaching Competence Licence( ITCL )
October 21, 2017
News About Vocational Education Between Present and Future
November 21, 2017








Vocational education is the way to enquire the experience and skills needed for life and also the labour market.

education provides Egypt with the skilled and experienced workforce needed in sectors of industry, business, agriculture and tourism.

Therefore this only way to develop and build the Egyptian economy is to provide the appropriate vocational education which would be the vehicle to enable us to do so.

There are quite a few strategies to develop and improve vocational education to serve the needs to the Egyptian economy and accelerate its progress.

We are pleased to announce and organise this conference under the care of the "Education is a National Security Project " Institution in collaboration with ABAHRD, CABE, and EBEA

Main themes of the conference

1. Strategies for developing vocational and technical in Egypt.

2. Sharing good practice with British organisations- successful stories and casestudies in the Gulf and Africa.

3. Employers involvement - how and why.

4. Challenges and Expectations.

5. Meaning of vocational education in its widest sense.

6. How vocational would contribute to the economic development in Egypt.

7. Changing the culture in the Egyptian society - biggest challenge...

8. Apprenticeship.


1. This international conference will provide new ideas, approaches and vision of the future for Education in Egypt over the next 30 years.

2. It will also demonstrate the launch of the new International Teaching Licence which is planned and will be delivered and quality assured by Leicester University in collaboration with Egyptian British Education Association, UK and The Arabic Academy for Training and Human Resources Development in Egypt.

Who should attend

1- Teachers in the primary and secondary schools .

2- School leadership.

3- Vocational courses teachers and trainers Business people Policy makers .

4- Anybody interested in vocational education

Place and dates

Cairo 25 November 2017

Certificate of attendance

That delegates and participants will receive certificate from "ABAHRD and EBEA" .

.. Administration ...

250EP with no paper to be presented

1000EP with paper to be presented

500 EP for businesses

To attend from outside Egypt

100$ with no paper to be presented

200$ with n paper to be presented

Payment is made by the following methods

1- Direct payment in the Arab Academy for Training and Human Development.

(32 Esraa El Moalemeen St. Off White Nile St., 4th Floor, Lebanon El Mohandeseen Square)

2- Via Vodafone Cash service at 01092229916

3- Via Orange Cash service at 01227001559

More inquiries

Can be made on the following numbers:

33028616 – 01092229916 -01144718016

Whats app : 01283844116. conference@abahrd.com

or visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ABAHRD