Corporate Banking

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October 4, 2017
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October 4, 2017


Corporate Banking


To provide you with all skills. ,knowledge need to work in area of bank credit .

To understand how banks are controlled by market mechanism and needs before granting credits.


This course will explain the meaning and types of corporate banking and all-encompassing term for the services provided to companies - from large multi-national conglomerates to small and medium enterprises.

The course will also explain how banks rely on repeat business from their clients, so people who work in corporate banking need to know how to build long-term relationships.

The course will cover the following areas

Companies- types of companies.

Letter of guarantee, bonds.


Date and Time

No of hours



All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

Centre for African Business Education (CABE- UK)

The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD) and

The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)