Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership – org.Development -Nov- Dec 2017

Critical Thinking to Improve Learning and Thinking – Nov-Dec 2017
September 1, 2017
September 2, 2017


Entrepreneurial management and leadership for organisational development - with a focus on the British experience.


This event is going to explore ideas and strategies to develop entrepreneurial approaches and practice to management and leadership in all sectors .



1-To recognise the difference between management and leadership .

2-To explore the importance of leadership.

3-To evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial leadership on organisational improvement and development.


Dr Hala Seliet

who is ex adviser to the department for Education in England , Constant at Education London, university lecturer , author of many educational books for schools in England, ex principle examiner for GCSE and A level, owner of the biggest selling web site for Business Education Teachers in England and currently the president of the Egyptain British Education Association in the U.K.

Certificate of attendance

That delegates and participants will receive certificate from "ABAHRD and EBEA" .

.. Administration Fees..200 EP

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1- Direct payment in the Arab Academy for Training and Human Development.


(32 Esraa El Moalemeen St. Off White Nile St., 4th Floor, Lebanon El Mohandeseen Square)

2- Via Vodafone Cash service at 01092229916

More inquiries can be made on the following numbers

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3- payment at the workshop.