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Saturday July 22nd, 2017
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July 22, 2017
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July 22, 2017


Wish to Study in the UK!

Innovative and Practical Approaches to Studying Abroad in the United Kingdom


1- To enable students to audit their current skills and knowledge about studying in the UK.

2- To enable students to develop their skills, knowledge and attributes to study in the UK.

3- To provide an insight to the British culture, living and studying in the UK.

4- To explore the recruitment system in the UK and expectations.

5- To explore different tips and ideas to improving your application to a British University.

6- To improve students' interviewing skills and provide them with information about universities are looking for.

7- To explore what is needed to produce a good personal statement.


This course is designed to help students who wish to study in British Universities to fulfil their aims and career ambitions.

The course therefore provides practical tips and ideas about skills, knowledge and attributes need to study abroad and what universities are looking for.

the course will provide information about:

  • application and recruitment system in the UK
  • what universities are looking for
  • the British culture and how to integrate
  • cost of living
  • transportation and accommodation
  • medical care


The course will be delivered by a British university admission tutor who has a wide range of experience dealing with the British culture and screening, and interviewing students who wish to study in the UK.


10.00 am. to 4.00 pm. (6hours)



 600 EP

Certificate at the end of the day

All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD) and

The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)