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ABAHRD Is a company registered in Egypt and the UK and works with its clients and partners in the Middle East to raise the quality of all stakeholders in education.

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  • Elham Hemdan
    Elham Hemdan
  • Dr Emad Kattara
    Dr Emad Kattara
  • Hala Salit
    Hala Salit
  • Nadia El-khouly
    Nadia El-khouly
  • Hamdy Barghout
    Hamdy Barghout
  • Nel Vn Zanten
    Nel Vn Zanten
  • May abo zahra
    May abo zahra
  • Sonia Farid
    Sonia Farid
  • waffa Abd El-hameed
    waffa Abd El-hameed
  • Azza Abd El- Aziz azzam
    Azza Abd El- Aziz azzam
  • Kevin Korgba
    Kevin Korgba
  • Kahled El-Atreby
    Kahled El-Atreby
  • MR Sherif Abu El khaire
    MR Sherif Abu El khaire
  • Ahmed Rafet
    Ahmed Rafet
  • Manal Salem
    Manal Salem
  • Iman M.El-Rouby
    Iman M.El-Rouby