November 24, 2018 Conference Hall Girls College # University _ Ain Shams

You want to understand yourself
You want to know yourself
He wants to change his way of thinking
You want to overcome your problems
I want to see the world better

 Exposure light
Where are you when you discover yourself
Know your values ​​and challenges

With Dr. Rodina Yassin and Dr. Hala Seliet

Coaching will help you wear his glasses deep embedded in one direction only object
Yourself, your self
And discover the journey of your life
And you will not find solutions for you but by some questions and exercises on the tools to solve the problem yourself

You know and learn how to manage your self better
How to make the right decisions

How to be successful in your life and the lives of others
Each one with problems in his life, and not selling them, because the reason is not hours, but the problem is Bacon, but he did not understand himself and not around him

Each one himself in the needs and dreams and hopes but not able to achieve them because it is weak and the question is a possibility, but because he did not understand himself and did not know how to deal with those around him

With Coatcing you will understand yourself .. Know how to deal with the people around you .. Solve all your problems .. And discover your potential and your energy ..

Event is exposed to the concept of Coaching and its importance and its role in restoring confidence and ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles!


All delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance from :

Misr Foundation for Education and Development (MFED)

The Arabic British Academy for Training and Human Resources Development (ABAHRD)

The Egyptian British Education Association UK (EBEA)

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